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Яхта Sealine S330v

Модельный ряд: C330 C390 C430 C530 F430 F530 S330 S330v

Dynamic, sleek design

Sporty aesthetics embodied by a masculine build. The S330v gives you dynamics like no other. Feel them with every glance. In any waters.

Two sun lounges

Sunbathing for all your guests. In addition to the terrace at the fore, the cockpit table can be transformed into a comfortable lounge.

Fun-to-drive outboards

Spontaneous, carefree driving experience. When you push the S330v to its limits, the feeling will take everyone’s breath away.

Openable ceiling elements

Open-air summer feeling. Simply open the two ceiling elements and enjoy the open skies while living on deck. Sun and sea without limits.